About the project

Founded in 1954, BURGER KING is the second largest network in the world hamburgers. The brand is present since 2004, when it opened the first restaurant in a shopping mall in Sao Paulo, but his own operation started in the country in 2011.

In this project, the BK demanded an agile and scalable infrastructure model to support a web application to generate discount coupons to customers.


We can say that the main challenge was to have an on-demand infrastructure, once the application had to be in production in a short period, which would not be possible considering a conventional model, which certainly would take more time to allocate infrastructure resources needed.

Moreover, because it is an application with variations in the number of hits, have an infrastructure capable of meeting this characteristic was certainly a relevant issue in the decision process to go to the AWS cloud, which is fully scalable.

Proposed Solution

We implemented an architecture according to the good practices of the Amazon Web Services, meeting the security requirements and the possibility of growth.

The project took place in record time, less than a week, considering the analysis of the technical requirements to the completion of the implementation the infrastructure.