About the project

CNA is one of the largest and more traditional group of language schools in Brazil, with more than 40 years teaching English and Spanish for students around the country. Currently, the company has more than 500 thousand students in 600 schools located in all Brazilian geography regions. CNA worked with BRLink to design and migrate the IT infrastructure of web applications to the AWS cloud. In addition to the institutional website, various applications that support the internal team and the main student portal (used for online lessons) were migrated to the cloud. BRLink is the partner chosen by CNA to support and monitor all its web applications.


The company was facing unavailability problems in the old datacenter, the environment was not able to scale up (or down), so specially when most users were online, the situation became critical. CNA wanted to use a great hosting solution, reliable, secure and able to scale, as the business grows.

Proposed Solution

BRLink performed a deep analysis of all web applications to be migrated and proposed a complete design, including the implementation in the AWS cloud, web application migration and managed services. Issues like scalability, high availability, security, cost optimization were the key points that BRLink considered in the project and persist in the managed services partnership.

Services like AWS AutoScaling, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS ElastiCache, AWS RDS where part of the solution built to deliver all these benefits to the customer.


  • Availability

  • Scalability

  • Performance


See what they are talking about us

“Working with BRLink has been excellent! The professional team, since the beginning, responded promptly and, sometimes, delivered more than we needed. Since the beginning of service, the professionals who attended us has demonstrated depth technical knowledge of the Amazon and has helped us to find the best alternatives to take advantage of our infrastructure. We have recommended the services of BRLink for our partners.”

Marcelo Daniel IT Manager