About the project

This case is related to the “Canal do Corretor “, a web portal of Mongeral Aegon, one of the biggest companies in their industry in Brazil. Basically, the portal provides a great communication between the company and their brokers, around the country. It allows the Mongeral Aegon to train and interact with brokers in a fast, efficient and secure way. The company chosen a commercial web portal tool for the application and in order to deliver the cloud infrastructure, BRLink was the selected partner to implement and manage the environment.


Some project pre-requisites were defined by the Mongeral’s development team, so in this manner, supporting the company business needs. First of all, the portal needed to be integrated with the internal database, hosted on premise. To achieve that, a VPN between the Azure Cloud and the Mongeral Datacenter needed to be implemented.

Proposed Solution

The Azure environment needed to be implemented using the Microsoft best practices of architecture, security and availability. BRLink was capable of designing and developing the project considering those needs, delivering the very suitable cloud environment. The project still predicts an expansion to the next year, in the amount of attended users. Now, Mongeral and their brokers are very happy with the results achieved so far!


  • Scalability

  • Performance