About the project

Onbi Online is a customized platform for the creation of e-commerce stores to meet the needs of the online market offering highly structured and simplified interface tools. In pursuit of a partner to help him refine his Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, he enlisted BRLink to design, improve, and manage its cloud infrastructure for high availability, security, and automation.


As an e-commerce platform The main challenges were: to build an architecture with high availability and scalability; To support the growth of the company, guarantee of performance of the application; To promote users a reduced response time and a good browsing experience, devOps practices; Automation of application updates deliveries and zero downtime, security; Some of these e-commerce platforms suffer from a daily high volume of attacks, so the WAF tool was used as a way to mitigate these attacks.

Proposed Solution

BRLink is recognized by AWS for delivering qualified solutions to e-commerce portals. Therefore, it structured a container-based architecture AWS, using Blue/Green Deployment features, involving CI and CD and applied CloudFront and varnish for performance improvements. Following the best practices of Amazon Web Services, meeting security requirements and delivering a highly available environment for company growth according to a demand.