About the project

The personare is the largest content portal, self-knowledge and good living in Brazil. The company had interest in simplifying the most of the hosting structure of the portal, which has more than 5 million accesses monthly.


The company had a static structure with no possibility of scaling, and they were not happy with the previous hosting service. Some key items to personare needed to be improved, such as availability, scalability and the possibility of improving the application development cycle, using DevOps solutions.

Proposed Solution

For personare, use the basic services of AWS, as EC2 and S3, was not enough. They needed a more automated environment and adequate to good practices of DevOps, offering the development framework an assertive process.
To meet all the requirements, the BRLink has structured a versatile and scalable environment using an architecture that uses services like Docker, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, Amazon CloudWatch Logs, Amazon Aurora, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Auto Scaling among others.


  • Availability

  • Performance

  • Agility


See what they are talking about us

“The service was sensational. All the contact points were outstanding. Every time that we had an obstruction, you solved in the best way. Work with BRLink was amazing, very above all our expectations.”

Bruno Operations Director