The wi-fi solution that your business needs.

BRSpot is a complete solution for managing hotspots, that enables, in a simple and secure way, to make the wi-fi something useful for your business.

  • Marketing e Mídia

    Marketing and Advertising

    Lots of reports to understand your customer’s profile and the possibility to insert ads before and during the user access.

  • Layout do seu jeito

    You choose the appearance

    The platform allows you to customize the layout of the login page

  • Use your existing users

    Use your existing users

    You can integrate with your existing user database using our web service.

  • Content Filtering

    Content Filtering

    We can block web content based on categories (pornography, malware etc.).

  • According to the law

    According to the law

    The platform stores the logs for 5 years, according to the Brazilian law.

  • Redes Sociais

    Social Networks

    Users can login using their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ accounts.

  • Cloud Service

    Cloud Service

    The entire platform is hosted in the cloud, using high availability and scalable services.

  • Control the connections

    Control the connections

    It’s possible to control the bandwidth and the session time to ensure a better experience for everyone.

  • Full Service

    Full Service

    We can take care of everything, from the infrastructure to the end user support.


For managing internet in condominiums, we offer a wi-fi platform called BRWiFi, that includes the implementation and infrastructure support of the condominium’s wireless network, management system, authentication and access control.

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