About the project

During the last 27 years, Gran Cursos Online offers a e-learning platform to students in Brazil, that are looking for achieve public jobs and Brazilian layer accreditation, with a background of more than 600.000 ex-students approved. In this business, the web applications are a fundamental piece to deliver the content to the customers, that’s why the company choose AWS as the Cloud Provider and BRLink as the managed service provider.


For every company that has its core business strongly dependent of web application, availability is an essential factor. Besides that, Gran Cursos Online had concerns related to scalability and adoption of new technologies, as DevOps practices

Proposed Solution

Using AWS, BRLink implemented a high available environment, without a single point of failure, and using DevOps methodologies, including application pipeline and automation. It’s part of the company’s planning to continue evolve this practice to achieve better results.

Services like AWS AutoScaling, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS ElastiCache, AWS RDS where part of the solution built to deliver all these benefits to the customer.


  • Cost reduction

  • Attended requests