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Every day, more companies begin to use cloud backup, an efficient and reliable alternative to ensure data integrity and durability.

Here are some benefits that you have with cloud backup:

  • Easy Restore

    It’s possible to cache the data for quick local backup restoration.

  • Pay as you go

    You pay only the data volume that you have upload to the cloud.

  • High Durability

    It’s possible to achieve 99,999999999% of durability on storing data in the cloud.

  • Low Cost

    No upfront and low stored GB costs.

  • High Security

    Incident management alerts

  • Scheduled and real time backup

    You choose when your backup will run, and you can even use the real time backup.

  • Customized retention

    You define how many versions you will keep of the data

  • Block level Backup

    Allows you to copy only the parts (blocks) changed of a file, reducing the bandwidth and the used storage.

  • Bandwidth Control

    You define how much bandwidth the backup should use, during the day and the night.

  • Compression

    Allow you to reduce the amount of used storage.

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