One of our important goals is to leverage the benefits of DevOps practice on everything we do. Through the use of innovative technologies, DevOps simplifies the management and provisioning of cloud infrastructure.

Using DevOps, companies are able to faster delivery and optimize apps and services in comparison with traditional methodologies. The the process is automated, with tools that increase the quality of the delivery process.

Why to choose BRLink for DevOps?

  • CI/CD Large Experience

    Our team is able to develop and create custom pipelines according to your needs

  • Managed Services

    Your focus remains in your code, not in the deployment or infrastructure

  • Containers

    We do have large experience with containers, implementing technologies like Docker, Elastic Container Service, Kubernetes and many others

  • Simplicity

    Just one button (or no button) to take control of all the deployment process, reducing the manuals errors

  • Fast Deployment

    As fast as possible, with no complication and no long times waiting

  • Fast RollBack

    We also automate the rollback, so you can reduce the downtime if you have any issue

  • Proactive Monitoring

    We take it seriously, using tools like NewRelic, AWS CloudWatch, Sumologic and others

  • Certified Team

    Besides the high experience, our professionals are certified to make DevOps work for you.

Some Cases

Want to know more about our DevOps practice?

Here you can find more about technologies, reference architectures and introductory articles.

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